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A guide to using the U.S. Congress's website and online resources for law students and other researchers Uses Allows User To . . .

Find bill information.

▪ Search the Congressional Record for the actual transcript of what is said during the proceedings of the House and Senate.

▪ Discover committee information and learn about their members.

▪ Navigate through committee reports and learn about their investigations.

▪ Look and learn about the members of Congress.

▪ Learn about the legislative process.


This video, published by, provides a basic outline of the steps involved in the federal legislative process.

Introduction houses the complete, digitized legislative collection for every bill and resolution introduced by either the U.S. House of Representative or the U.S. Senate since 1973. Also, the collection includes every amendment introduced by a member of Congress since 1981.

Legislation Information Available

1. Each Bill of Legislation has an individual home page.

2. Each home page contains a variety of informative tabs that provide key information related to pertinent Bill.

3. Tabs include the following information: summary, text, actions, titles, amendments, cosponsors, committees, and related bills.

4. The actions, amendments and cosponsors information for a bill can be filtered by criteria, such as major actions, votes, amendment status, and cosponsor state and party.

This video, published by, provides a walk-through guide to perform a Bill search on


The Congressional Record, a word for word account made during the proceedings of the House and Senate, is available from 1995 with the beginning of the 104th Congress. The Government Printing Office (GPO) publishes new issues of the Congressional Record daily and it is published on the website the next day.

Congressional Record Information Available

1. The Congressional Record includes legislative activity by both chambers of Congress & their respective committees, member statements, and executive communications

Daily Digest:Summary of the Previous Day's Congressional Activities
Senate Business Record
House of Representatives Business Record

2.The Congressional Record page defaults to the most recent issue with the tab for the Daily Digest selected and displayed below. There are tabs for all of the sections that were printed on that day.  Additionally, you can search the Congressional Record from this page or find an issue by date or year and page number.  When searching all sources on, the Congressional Record will be included in search results with legislation and Members of Congress.


Committees are panels with members from the House or Senate tasked with conducting hearings, examining and developing legislation, conducting oversight, and/or helping manage chamber business and activities

See a full list of current Congressional Committees: HERE

Congressional Committee Information Available

1. A Committees home page is available that lists general information about Committees. All House and Senate committees for the current Congress are available with links to specific Committee pages.

2. Each Committee page includes an overview section which lists legislation recently considered by the committee, as well as links to meeting schedules, live video (House committees only), and the official committee website.

House Standing Committess

Senate Standing Committees



Armed Services


Education and the Workforce

Energy and Commerce


Financial Services

Foreign Affairs

Homeland Security

House Administration


Natural Resources

Oversight and Government Reform


Science, Space, and Technology

Small Business

Transportation and Infrastructure

Veterans' Affairs

Ways and Means

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry


Armed Services

Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs


Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Energy and Natural Resources

Environment and Public Works


Foreign Relations

Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs


Rules and Administration

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Veterans' Affairs

Joint Committees

Joint Economic

Joint Library

Joint Printing

Joint Taxation



Committee Reports are groups of documents produced by various Congressional Committees that usually are one of the following types:

  • "Reports that accompany a legislative measure when it is reported for chamber action";
  • "Reports resulting from oversight or investigative activities";
  • "Reports of conference committees"; and 
  • "Committee activity reports, published at the conclusion of a Congress.

Committee Report Information Available

1. Committee Reports only date back to 1995. Committee Reports are available for general search with filters available for Congress, Chamber, and Committee.  A Committee Reports home page provides an overview section with a search tool to look up reports by report type and citation number.

2. Committee Report detail pages display single and multi-part reports with sidebars that include links to related reports, a link to the Committee Reports home page, and a list of other bills referenced in the report. Executive reports are not included at this time but will appear in the future.

The below video, published by, provides an in-depth review of Congressional committee structure, procedure, and responsibilities. This video examines the hearing process and the creation of Committee Reports.


All Members since 1973 and some members from 1947-1972 can be filtered by state, Congress, House or Senate, party, or Members currently serving. A list of current Members, by state, is on the homepage. Members serving in House and Senate leadership positions also are featured on the homepage.

Member Profile Information Available

1.Member profiles for Representatives & Senators include a picture (when available), biography, years and Congresses served, the Member's state and district (Representatives only), party history, Member website link, and other key data.

2. Additionally, a display of the legislation sponsored or cosponsored follows each Member's home page.

Below you can see U.S. Representative Randy Neugebauer's Profile Page. Representative Neugebauer has represented District 19, which includes Lubbock, Texas, since June 3,2003.

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