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Services for Attorneys and Judges: LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic - Main Campus Access

LexisNexis Academic is a database providing access to newspaper articles, court cases, and other valuable primary and secondary resources.

Current students, faculty, and staff may access LexisNexis Academic from the TTU Main Campus Library's home page. Access is provided by TTU.

1. This is the Home page for LexisNexis Academic.

2. On the home page there are some important features. Some of the more noteworthy features are as follows:

1. Permanent link creation;

2. Training tools;

3. Search bar;

4. News search;

5. Legal case search; and

6. Company searches.

3. Doing a search for "civil rights" brings up the following search results.

Key features on the search results are as follows:

1. Switching between physical print and web-based news;

2. Sorting the rules by groups;

3. Sorting the results by certain parameters; and

4. Options to view, save, etc. specific documents.

4. The case finder functions the same way as the news finder, but the company search feature presents the information in a different manner. Searching Microsoft from the company search feature on the home page will bring you this search result.

5. The snapshot gives an overview of the company. In addition, this allows you to search various fields (e.g., patents, or recent news) narrowed to the specific company. Be careful to select the correct company, there are many companies with similar sounding names.