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Proquest: ProQuest Congressional



ProQuest Congressional is a comprehensive online resource available for congressional publications and legislative research. It is a platform that allows users to perform in-depth research in public policy, legislative history, additional relevant congressional matters. ProQuest Congessional includes abstracts and indexes for a variety of congressional publications. It also includes member biographies, committee assignments, voting records, and financial data; and the full text of key regulatory and statutory resources.

ProQuest Congressional Allows User To . . .

  • Pinpoint expert testimony on the leading issues of the day

  • Tap authoritative sources of statistics, projections, and analysis

  • Discover a law's intent by tracing its legislative history

  • Obtain information about Members of Congress

  • Access the full text primary source congressional publications

  • Monitor legislation and public policy on almost any topic

  • Review the Federal regulations that implement legislation

  • Learn the makeup and mission of congressional committees

Taken, in part, from ProQuest's help resources.

ProQuest Congressional Home Page

ProQuest Congressional provides for a several search options, including: (1) Congressional Publications; (2) Members & Committees; (3) Regulations; and (4) News and Social Media.

1. Under "Congressional Publications," ProQuest Congressional provides users several search options of varying complexity. These options are explored in detail below and include: (1) Basic Search; (2) Advanced Search; (3) Search by Number; and (4) "Legislative Insight."

2. A "Basic Search" allows users to perform a natural language search using the provided search bar. Followng a search, ProQuest Congressional allows users to narrow results by "Date," "Congress," "Document Type," "Committee Source," "Agency Source," "Subject," and "Administration."

3. An "Advanced Search" provides for several additional search metrics. Following a search, ProQuest Congressional Provides simile search-narrowing tools that users may utilize to distil pertinent results.

4. "Search by Number" allows uses to directly access legislative documents (e.g., bills, resolutions, etc.) provided the user has the precise citation information. Users may search using any of the following: (1) Bill Number; (2) Public Law Number; (3) Statutes at Large; (4) Public Resolution Number; (5) Vote Report Number; or (6) U.S. Code Citation.

Note: ProQuest Congressional also allows users to perform searches based on"Bibliographic Citations" and "Congressional Record Daily Citations"

5. "Legislative Insight" is a unique tool that provides "compiled histories with full text PDFs and tools to facilitate research into the legislative histories of U.S. Statutes."

Member & Committee Search

The Members & Committees search feature allows for a focused search on a particular legislative member or committee, and the search will pull up all of the relevant documents that originated from that member or committee.

Congressional Regulation Search

The regulation search allows for research into the regulations promulgated by legislature. This can be used to find documents related to the regulation, such as meeting notes or proposed rules.


Political News & Social Media Search

Political News & Social Media is a powerful search tool that aggregates news from a number of sources and displays them in a easy to read format. It also allows for search results to be narrowed if the initial search is too broad.

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