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HeinOnline: HeinOnline App

A guide to using HeinOnline for law students, faculty, and library patrons

Mobile App

HeinOnline for iPhone & iPad

1. HeinOnline has an iPhone and iPad app that can be used to access the service. You need a valid account to access the content but the app itself is free. Here is the link to the HeinOnline Website with information and user guides on the app.

2. To gain access you need to login on the campus internet. The first time users access the app. it will default to the "Settings" screen. Once there, you will see a button that says "IP Authentication." Hit that button and your app will have access to HeinOnline for one month. After that month this process will need to be repeated.

2. You should see a pop-up bubble that says "Success!" Just tap "OK" and the HeinOnline App. will take you to the main search screen.

iPhone Screenshots

1. Most of the features discussed in different section of this Research Guide are available in the mobile application. The below images illustrate a few of the uses including full text searches, category searches, and collections searches.