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HeinOnline: Picture Guide - HeinOnline

A guide to using HeinOnline for law students, faculty, and library patrons

Picture Guide

Getting Started . . .

Access to HeinOnline can be reached from the Law Library's home page.

Using this link while on campus will bring the user to the "Welcome" page of HeinOnline.

HeinOnline Welcome Page

This is the welcome page for HeinOnline. The highlighted areas are important features of HeinOnline. These are the Search box and the Browse Collections box. These will be explained in their respective sections of this guide.

Please move to the next tab of this guide now.

Browse Collections Feature

The Browse Collections box allows a quick jump into the homepage of that collection.

These can be organized by name or by type by clicking the tabs at location one. Location two shows the "Core U.S. Journals" collection and clicking on that link will transfer you to that collection's homepage. Location three shows a subcollection within a larger collection, and can be accessed by clicking on that link. Once a user enters a collection or subcollection, they will be able to search and browse that collection's contents.

Full Text Search

1. This is the search bar for HeinOnline. A user may switch between the search modes by clicking the tabs at the top of the search box.

2. Clicking on the "Advance Search" button will lead you to a new page with the advance search box. The advance search box allows for more control over the search terms. Let's return to the basic search box and conduct a search.

3. If a full text search (the first tab on the search box) for "patriot act" is conducted, then the following results will be displayed.

The highlighted area on the second search result allows a user to jump to the page where the search term appears, print/download the document, save to the users Hein account, or save to a drop account. 

Clicking on the "Turn to page" link, highlighted by the yellow arrow, will jump to that page in the selected publication.

4. The search refinement options are located on the left hand side of the screen, and they allow for a user to filter their results for greater accuracy.

Catalog Search

1. Use the "Catalog Search" tab to determine if a particular title is included in HeinOnline and if so, which library contains it. Changing the drop-down to Publication Title and searching for a specific title will produce the most relevant results.


2. When you view your results, you will see all of the available publication information for the title, and the collection(s) in which the titles can be found.

Citation Navigator

1. HeinOnline and most of the legal community yse Bluebook format for all citations. The Citation Navigator Link, located under the "Citation" tab,  is an easy way to find articles or other documents contained in HeinOnline by citation. For example, entering the following citation will bring you to page one of volume one of the Business & Bankruptcy Law Journal. The "Find Bluebook Citation" button will bring up a page with all of the publications, in an alphabetical list, in their Bluebook format. The user will need to supply the volume and page numbers to complete the citation.


Fastcase Search

1. The "Fastcase" tab which allows the user to enter a citation for a case and click the "Get Citation" button for immediate access to the full text of the case.


 2. In addition to the Fastcase tab, while you are navigating through HeinOnline you may see blue highlighting, which indicates a link. All case citations will now be highlighted, and Core subscribers will have the ability to click these links and be directed to the corresponding case text.


Navigating From One Library to Another

1. Select a library from the HeinOnline Welcome Screen by clicking directly on the library name. Once you are inside a HeinOnline library module, you have several ways to switch to a different library. You can click  the “collections” link in the highlighted area, which will bring you to the available collections you may access.




Library Home Page

1. Once inside a library, you can browse the volumes within a title directly from list of titles for the collection.

Page View

1. View the table of contents, browse through a volume, print/download and more using the "Image Toolbar" from any page in HeinOnline. Use the "Breadcrumb Trail" to navigate back to the collection homepage or Welcome Page.

Printing/Download Options

There are multiple options available for printing and downloading pages and/or sections of a volume while working in HeinOnline. Users can click the PDF icon from the Page Toolbar or the Table of Contents at the left of the page.


This PDF icon will allow you to print the section you are viewing. Once you click it, a new window will open and display your print options. We recently added a QR code reader, where users with tablets or smartphones authenticated to HeinOnline are able to capture the image of the QR code, and the document will then be available on their device.

From this print screen, you can choose to print the current section that you are viewing, or you can choose to print a custom page range. The citation to the section that you are currently viewing is displayed directly  under the first print option, followed by the name of the article or document. The last line shows the number  of pages included in the section. The drop-down menu to the right allows you to choose your print format.  You can print/download as a PDF or Text document.

Helpful HeinOnline Aids