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Westlaw: Picture Guide - lawschool.westlaw

A guide to using Westlaw for Law Students, faculty, and staff

Picture Guide

This is the default homepage for the Texas Tech School of Law's "lawschool.westlaw" website. It is possible to access training, Westlaw, TWEN, My Hub (organizes training information), and the electronic book store (where the study aids are located) from this homepage.

It is also possible to contact the account manager for Texas Tech School of Law's Westlaw subscription on this page. The account manager can give assistance for issues that arise while using WestlawNext.

The West Education Network (TWEN) is accessed by clicking the TWEN link at the top of the "lawschool.westlaw" website.

Once you are on in the TWEN section you will see the following screen.

The screen above shows the TWEN Courses you have added to your account (the course list will be empty by default). In this example the user is registered to two courses, a student organization's and the a required course for the school's Scholarly writing series.

These courses can be dropped or added by clicking the respective buttons at the top of the "my Courses" box.

Try clicking the "add course" button now.

The page above shows the course listings available for Texas Tech University as well as some nationally available courses. Some courses require a password to access; these are handled by the respective organization or class. Adding courses is done by checking the box at the left of the course name and then clicking the submit button located at the bottom of the page.

Once you have your course added you can enter the course webpage from the "My Course" page.

The next picture will show the lay out of a course page.

The TWEN course defaults to the "Course Information" page. This will tell you the name of the course but the important information is located in the "Navigation" box on the left side of the screen. This box allows you to jump to the content of the course webpage.

We will now jump to the "PowerPoint Slides That Accompany Lectures" section.

On this page you could download the PowerPoint slides. When you access the file it will mark that entry as "read." Additionally, you can use the "actions" button to mark all the documents as read or unread, download all of the files, or print the files directly.

You can click on the other links to access additional information.

My Hub is where information about training opportunities is aggregated. You can see the available trainings, completed trainings, messages from Westlaw about various events and opportunities, and you can configure an email alert for practice area interests.

This is the home page for the My Hub section. It has hyperlinks to the various traning opportunities.

This page show what trainings you have completed. It also shows when and how they were completed.

This page shows the available training resources. This can range from ten minute lessons to more in-depth video tutorials.

To access study aids, select the link for student resources shown below.

Select the "My Study Aids" link.

Once you click on the "My Study Aids" link, you will be redirected to a page which will prompt you to create an account with West Academic. You must create an account with West Academic to access the study aids.