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Terms & Connectors: Casemaker

A guide to Boolean search commands in WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, and Bloomberg Law

Terms & Connectors - Casemaker




AND, (space)

contract binding

Finds documents with both “contract” and “binding”


alimony OR support 

Finds documents with either “alimony” or “support”


property NOT commercial

Finds documents that have “property” but not “commercial”

( )

(alimony OR support) AND divorce 

Finds documents that must have the word “divorce” and may have either “alimony” or “support”

“ “

“right of way” 

Finds documents with the phrase “right of way”



Finds documents that include “parole” AND/OR any synonyms for “parole”

/n, w/n

tax /10 property 

Finds documents that have the words “tax” and “property” within 10 words of each other



Finds documents that have “run,” “runs,” “runner,” etc.