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Library Services Spring 2021: Student Blackboard FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find detailed how-to instructions for Blackboard and Collaborate Ultra?

Which Browser(s) should I use?

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported browsers. At this time Edge and Internet Explorer are not recommended.  If one of the supported browsers isn't working successfully, try switching to one of the other recommended browsers.

How do I enter a Blackboard class?

Your professor will either send you a link to your class session or they will have the link to the class on the Blackboard class site.  NOTE: When you enter a class always sign-in using your first and last name. This will help your professor when they take attendance.

How do the controls work in the Blackboard class?

After you sign into the class, it is important to know how to work the controls at the bottom of the screen. The first icon on the left acknowledges that you are in the class.

The next button is the mic. You can mute and unmute your sound by clicking this button. When there is a line through the icon your mic is muted and no one can hear you talk.

The next button is a camera. This button controls your video camera. When the line is showing through the icon, no one can see any video from your camera. The last button allows you to raise your hand in class. When you click this icon, the professor will see the “raised hand” symbol by your name in the attendee list and receive a message that you're raising your hand.


Should I mute my mic?

You should always mute your mic when entering a session. If you need to talk during class, you can raise your hand and the professor will call on you. You can then unmute your mic and talk. It is important for everyone to be muted in class to help improve sound quality.

Can I make document the professor is sharing bigger?

The following video demonstrates how to navigate documents shared by your professors:

Click the control panel button to find the control tools. This button is located in the upper left-hand corner underneath the button with three lines. You can zoom in or zoom out by clicking the magnifying glass with either a “+” or “-“ sign.

Will the classes be recorded so I can watch them later?

If your professor records the class, they have the discretion to post the class session to the Blackboard class site. If the class is available, there will be a link in the class site that you can click on to watch the recording. 

How do you share Powerpoint slides or other documents? (NOTE: This can only be done if the Professor has set up the class to allow this feature.)

Open the Collaborate panel by clicking the purple tab in the lower right of the screen and select the Share Content icon (the square with the arrow in it).

Click on the "Share Files" option to share a PPT, a PDF, or an image.  To start, you will have to upload the item you want to share by clicking "Add File."  Once an item is uploaded, click on the item and then click “start sharing.”  You can now click on the page you want to share and you will see the shared page on the blackboard screen.

You can use the arrow below the image of the shared file to move back and forth between documents you want to share.