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Texas Courts and Court Rules: Maps & Texas Courts Generally

This guide describes the structure of the Texas Court System, provides links to various courts and court rules, where available

Texas Courts of Appeals

The Texas Courts of Appeals are comprised of 14 appellate courts in the Texas judicial system, with intermediate jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases that are appealed from the lower district or county courts. The Texas Courts of Appeals are geographically divided, as depicted by the photo below, and each court of appeals has jurisdiction over a particular number of counties. The Texas Courts of Appeals are located in the following cities:

First Court of Appeals: Houston, Texas

Second Court of Appeals: Fort Worth, Texas

Third Court of Appeals: Austin, Texas

Fourth Court of Appeals: San Antonio, Texas

Fifth Court of Appeals: Dallas, Texas

Sixth Court of Appeals: Texarkana, Texas

Seventh Court of Appeals: Amarillo, Texas

Eighth Court of Appeals: El Paso, Texas

Ninth Court of Appeals: Waco, Texas

Tenth Court of Appeals: Eastland, Texas

Twelfth Court of Appeals: Tyler, Texas

Thirteenth Court of Appeals: Corpus Christi, Texas

Fourteenth Court of Appeals: Houston, Texas

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Texas County Interactive Map


The website for the Texas Judicial Branch provides an interactive county map, depicted by the photo below. Clicking on any county on the map will bring up information about the court system in that county, including information about district and county courts. You can also find links to the district and county court websites. By following these links, you will be able to find information about county-specific rules related to filing documents in a district or county court.


Click on photo for interactive map.


Below is an example of what you would see if you clicked on Cameron County.