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Texas Practice Series: Using Texas Practice Series

A guide to using West's Texas Practice Series

Potential Uses

Learn information about the subject from the experts.

Discover practice information on specific subjects.

Get information about specific subjects all in one place.

How to Use

To find a particular subject, first determine which volume you need. The title of each volume provides basic information about what it contains, and you can see above for the contents of each volume.

Once you know which volume you need, you can use either the Subject Index or the Contents table to determine where the exact subject is that you need. There may be more than one volume on the subject, and if so the index is found in the last volume. The subject index is alphabetized by broad subject area, and subtopics are arranged alphabetically within each broad subject. The Contents table lists the chapters and part for each broad subject area and subtopic. If you know a certain case, then you can use the table of cases to find information that relates to that case.


Texas Practice Series is updated yearly. Depending on the volume, this update may be in the form of a pocket part or an entire new volume.