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Texas Practice Series: Home

A guide to using West's Texas Practice Series


Texas Practice Series provides comprehensive coverage of areas of Texas law in a single source. Some of the available titles in the series include Guide to the Texas Rules of Evidence, Texas Consumer Law Handbook, Handbook of Texas Family Law, Criminal Practice and Procedure, and Handbook on Texas Discovery Practice. Each title includes an analysis, explanation of the law, and practice information.  The volumes are written by a variety of different authors. Each author attempts to explain the “black letter” law in Texas on his or her particular topic.

Online access on Westlaw.


Guide to the Texas Rule of Evidence (v. 1,2)

Courtroom Handbook on Texas Evidence (v. 2A)

Land Titles and Title Examination (v. 3-5A)

Texas Criminal Law (v. 6)

Texas Criminal Forms and Trial Manual (v. 7,8)

Texas Law of Wills (v. 9,10)

Texas Methods of Practice (v. 11-14)

Texas Foreclosure Law & Practice (v. 15)

Texas Elements of an Action (v. 16)

Texas Probate and Decedents’ Estates (v. 17-18)

Texas Business Organization (v. 19-20A)

Texas Property Taxes (v. 21, 21A)

Texas Municipal Law & Practice (v. 22-23A)

Civil Pre-trial Procedure (v. 24-26)

Consumer Rights & Remedies (v. 27,28)

Texas Consumer Law Handbook (v. 28A)

Juvenile Law & Practice (v. 29, 29A)

Handbook of Texas Family Law (v. 33)

The Jury Charge in Texas Civil Litigation (v. 34)

County and Special District Law (v. 35-36A)

Workers’ Compensation Law & Practice (v. 37)

Marital Property and Homesteads (v. 38, 39)

Criminal Practice and Procedure (v. 40-43B)

Medical Malpractice (v. 44, 44A)

Texas Environmental Law (v. 45, 46)

Handbook on Texas Discovery Practice (v. 47)

Handbook of Texas Lawyer & Judicial Ethics (v. 48-48B)

Contract Law (v. 49)

Texas DWI Law & Practice Handbook (v. 50)

Texas Elder Law (v. 51)

Texas Summary Judgment & Related Termination Motions (v. 52)