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Services for Attorneys and Judges: Scanning and Printing Services

Scanning and Printing Services

The Library's copying services are provided through free scanning on the first floor collaboration area. Printing services are provided at the circulation desk at 10 cents per page. Also, payment must be exact. The library will not make change on any printing transactions.

Public patrons may use the scanner on the first floor to email the scan, or save the scan to a thumb drive.

There are two options for printing at the library:

  1. save to a thumb drive and print at the Circulation desk at 10 cents per page (the library has loanable thumb drives for this purpose); or
  2. e-mail it to library staff and we can print at 10 cents per page.

Patrons may also e-mail the scan to their personal e-mail, but the library cannot print from a personal e-mail account.


To Scan:
  1. Place document(s) on the glass or in the feeder for multiple loose pages.
  2. Press the ‘F1’ button on the left side panel.
  3. For a scan to email:
    1. Press ‘E-mail’ tab on the LCD screen.
    2. Press ‘Manual Entry’ on the LCD screen.
    3. Enter the desired email address (does not have to be a TTU address).
    4. Press ‘OK’ on the upper right of the LCD screen.
    5. Change your scan settings, if needed.
    6. Press the large Green ‘Start’button to the left of the LCD screen.
  4. to scan to Flash drive:
    1. Insert your flash drive in the USB port located on the left side of the panel.
    2. Press ’Store File’ on the center top of the LCD screen.
    3. Press ‘Store to Memory Device’ on the LCD.
    4. Press ‘OK’ on the LCD screen.
    5. Press the large Green ‘Start’ button to the left of the LCD screen.
    6. Press ‘Exit’ on the LCD screen once your scan is finished transferring to your flash drive.
    7. Remove your flash drive.


There is no direct printing from the public access printers in the library.

To print the desired documents, they must be saved to a thumb drive or e-mailed to the library staff, and then the library staff can print the desired documents at the circulation desk at 10 cents per page.

This process applies to scanned documents as well.