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A guide to using Texas Forms: Pleading & Practice

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TFPP is also known as Texas Jurisprudence (TexJur) Pleading and Practice Forms, Second Edition. It is published by Thomson West. The purpose of TFPP is to “provide the Texas practitioner with a comprehensive collection of pleading and practice forms coupled with a concise textual treatment of Texas civil practice law” [quote from Preface, 1 Tex. Jur. Tex. Forms: Pleading and Practice iii (2006)]. In addition to forms, TFPP provides the legal background that is necessary to properly use the forms. Many of the forms are drawn from actually filed pleadings or briefs.


Each volume is divided into chapter topics. The topics are arranged alphabetically. The first volume, for example, is “Ch. 1 Abandoned, Lost and Unclaimed Property to Ch. 21 Alteration of Instruments”. At the beginning of each volume there is a table of contents that lists the chapters contained in that volume and the subparts of each chapter. Each chapter has some of the same forms, but they will also vary depending on the available information. Some of the common forms are: Checklist, Petition, Allegation, Answer, Response, Order, Damages, Supplemental Petition, Motions, Jury Instructions, and Affidavit. Each chapter has a section titled “Introductory Comments”. These comments provide a very brief background on the area of law. The comments also include links to other sources.

Since it is a West publication, there is a reference to the West Key Number Digest as well. Another nice feature about TFPP is that the forms are annotated. After each form there is a section titled “Notes to Form”. This section gives specific information necessary to fill out the form as well as tips for those using the form in actual practice.


The volume numbers are listed below with the corresponding topic covered in that volume:

Volume 1: Abandoned, Lost and Unclaimed Property to Alteration of Instruments

Volume 1A: Amicus Curiae to Associations and Clubs

Volume 2: Attachment and Garnishment to Aviation

Volume 3: Bailments and Personal Property Leases to Carriers

Volume 4: Cemeteries to Contribution

Volume 4A: Conversion to Criminal Procedure

Volume 5: Crops to Decedents’ Estates

Volume 5A: Declaratory Relief to Depositions and Discovery

Volume 5B: Depositions and Discovery to Dismissal, Discontinuance, Nonsuit

Volume 6: Divorce and Separation to Elections

Volume 6A: Electricity, Gas and Steam to Estoppel, Waiver, and Ratification

Volume 7: Evidence and Witnesses to Fraud and Deceit

Volume 7A: Frauds, Statute of to Habeas Corpus

Volume 7B: Highways and Streets to Insurance

Volume 8: Interest and Usury to Laches and Stale Demands

Volume 8A: Landlord and Tenant to Master and Servant

Volume 9: Mechanics’ Liens to Occupations and Trades

Volume 9A: Oil and Gas to Physicians, Surgeons, and Medical Personnel

Volume 10: Pipelines to Premises Liability

Volume 10A: Pretrial Conference and Procedure to Prohibition

Volume 11: Property Damage Allegations to References

Volume 11A: Religious Organizations to Ships and Shipping

Volume 12: Specific Performance to Trial

Volume 12A: Trusts to Wills

Volume 12B: Work, Labor and Materials to Zoning and Planning

Index, Table of Laws and Rules, Tables of Cases