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Texas Transaction Guide – Legal Forms: Home

A guide to using the Texas Transaction Guide


Texas Transaction Guide: These legal forms contain information about the subject and then give step by step instructions on how to create different forms needed for that subject. Also, the volume includes a lot of examples of real forms used.

Available online on LexisNexis.


Unit 1: Business Entities

  • Division 1: Formation, Operation and Termination of Corporations
  • Division 2: Professional Corporations, Banks, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies
  • Division 3: Buying and Selling a Business

Unit 2: Wills and Trusts

  • Division 1: Estate Planning and Wills
  • Division 2: Estate Planning and Trusts

Unit 3: Commercial Transactions

  • Division 1: Contracts
  • Division 2: Sale of Goods
  • Division 3: Secured Transactions and Negotiable Instruments
  • Division 4: Intellectual Property and Advertising
  • Division 5: Consumer Transactions
  • Division 6: Business Financing
  • Division 7: Franchises

Unit 4: Real Estate Transactions

  • Division 1: Sales and Exchanges of Real Property, Mineral Rights, Land Use
  • Division 2: Leases
  • Division 3: Development and Construction
  • Division 4: Farms, Water Rights

Unit 5: Personal Transactions

  • Division 1: Personal Property, Marital Agreements, Retirement
  • Division 2: Bankruptcy
  • Division 3: Divorce