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Vernon's Texas Codes and Statutes Annotated: Using Vernon's Texas Codes and Statutes Annotated

A guide to the Vernon's Texas Code Annotated and Vernon's Texas Statutes Annotated

Potential Uses

Vernon's Texas Codes and Statutes Annotated Allows For Users To:

  • Search and find codes and statutes.
  • Gain knowledge of the background of the code and statute.
  • These volumes give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

How to Use

Each volume number starts over with each code. Some of the volumes do not include an index, but the general index includes all the codes and statutes. The spine of each volume will tell you what subjects are included in the volume and whether it includes an index.

To find a subject, you can find the volume you want and search the table of contents (this includes a page number), or look in the general index. The general index lists the main subject then subtopics. The topic may refer you to a different area in the index. To search your topic, think of keywords regarding your subject to look up, look these up in the general index, find the statutory citation in the relevant volume, and then check the back of the volume for pocket part updates.

There are multiple copies of the volumes so that many students can look at them at one time. Make sure you check for pocket parts and pamphlets.

The Disposition tables, at the front of the volumes, are used to find earlier citations of the statute. This is used when an article has been repealed or changed.

In the same area as the statutes and codes, you can also find Vernon’s volumes of the Texas Constitution, Texas Code Forms Annotated, Texas Rules Annotated, and Texas Session Law Service (includes the most recent session laws, session laws are ultimately codified in the VTCA).


The volumes are updated by annual cumulative pocket parts and quarterly pamphlets.