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Vernon's Texas Codes and Statutes Annotated: Home

A guide to the Vernon's Texas Code Annotated and Vernon's Texas Statutes Annotated


In 1963, the Texas Legislature commissioned the Texas Legislative Council to make non-substantive revisions to Texas statutes, and this revision process is nearly complete. By the end of it, all Texas statutes will be organized into the Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated for a total of twenty-seven subject matter codes. Vernon’s Annotated Statutes and Codes are the main source to find these entries in print form. These entries contain brief historical notes, constitutional provisions, notes of decisions, cross references to other Vernon’s and references to West Digest System, Corpus Juris Secundum, and encyclopedias. These volumes are written and kept up to date by Westlaw.

Online Access

Vernon's Texas Codes and Statutes Annotated is available online at

Vernon's Subdivsions

Vernon's Texas Codes

Agriculture Code v. 1-3 

Alcoholic Beverage Code v. 1-2 

Business and Commerce Code v. 1-5      

Business Organizations Code v. 1-3         

Civil Practice and Remedies Code v. 1-6

Education Code v. 1-4                                                   

Election Code v. 1-2                       

Estates Code v. 1

Family Code v. 1-10        

Finance Code v. 1-4                        

Government Code v. 1-12                           

Health and Safety Code v. 1-10                                 

Human Resources Code v. 1-3   

Insurance Code v. 1-12                 

Labor Code v.  1-3                                           

Local Government Code v. 1-6                                  

Natural Resources Code v. 1-4                  

Occupations Code  v. 1-10                           

Parks and Wildlife Code v. 1-2                                                   

Penal Code v. 1-6                            

Property Code v. 1-5                                     

Special District Local Laws Code (pamphlet) v. 1-4            

Tax Code v. 1-5                                

Transportation Code v. 1-7                         

Utilities Code v. 1-2                                        

Water Code v. 1-3          

Vernon's Texas Statutes

Civil Statutes     

  • Civil Statutes, §§ 1 to 195a-10    
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 195a-11 to 581-4           
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 581-5 to 1175  
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 1175a to 2524-1             
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 2525 to 4413   
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 4414 to 5421c 
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 5421c-1 to 6243e           
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 6243e.1 to 6258             
  • Civil Statutes, §§ 6259 to End     
  • Probate Code 17A-17C                 

Code of Criminal Procedure v. 1-8