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Terms & Connectors: Fastcase

A guide to Boolean search commands in Westlaw, Lexis+, and Bloomberg Law


Fastcase automatically omits certain common words (e.g., the, it, etc.) from your query. The search runs
more efficiently without these common “noise” words.


At present, Fastcase will accommodate a search up to 500 words long. For purposes of search
length, a Boolean operator counts as a word.

Terms & Connectors - Fastcase




AND, &, (space)

copyright AND preemption

Results must contain both the words “copyright” and “preemption”


landlord OR lessor

Results must contain either the word “landlord” or the word “lessor.” (They may contain both words.)


vehicle NOT car

Results must contain the word “vehicle” but must not contain the word “car.”

w/3, /3

capital w/3 punishment

Results must contain the word “capital” within 3 words of the word “punishment.” You must specify a number for how far apart the terms may be found.



Results must contain some variation of the stem “litig” such as litigation, litigated, litigator, etc.



The ? works as a single letter wildcard. Results must contain some variation of the word advis_r, such as adviser or advisor.

“ “

“felony murder”

Results must contain the precise phrase “felony murder.”


(security OR pledge) AND assignment

Parentheses are used to define the order of operations when you use multiple Boolean operators.