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Terms & Connectors: Versuslaw

A guide to Boolean search commands in WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, and Bloomberg Law

Terms & Connectors - Versuslaw





emotional distress damages

When no operator is specified, adjacent is assumed


ethics and violation 

Finds both query terms


suspend or disbar

Finds either query term

and not

malpractice and not medical 

Finds first query term then excludes documents that also contain second query term


reckless w/5 misrepresentation 

Proximity operator, finds query term within specified number of words of another query term

not w/n

reckless not w/5 misrepresentation

The NOT W/ ("not within") operator allows you to search for a word or phrase not in association with another word or phrase.



Wildcard; single character



Wildcard; any string of characters

( )

(accountant or auditor) and (fraud or reckless or negligent)

Scope delimiters, used to group alternate search terms