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Excellence in Legal Research Program: FAQs

Information on the Law Library's Excellence in Legal Research Program


What does it cost to take these classes?

Nothing! Classes are free to all TTU law students.

Who teaches these classes?

All classes are taught by Law Library Faculty who have law degrees as well as graduate degrees in library and information science.

How do I find out when classes are offered?

A class schedule is issued electronically to all students prior to the start of each semester, along with students' progress reports. The schedules is also available in the lobby of the Law Library as well as electronically on the Registration & Semester Course Schedule page.

How do I register for classes?

You can register for classes through the ELR course page in Blackboard, where you can also view all courses available, add classes, see which classes you have registered for, and view a transcript of the classes you have completed. Students are not added to the ELR course page in Blackboard automatically. Please email us at to be added to the ELR course page.

What if a class I want to register for is already full?

Please notify us at that you would like to be put on the waitlist for the class. Make sure you include the name of the session and that date for the session you'd like to attend.  If a large number of students are on the waitlist for a particular class, we may add an additional ELR session on that topic if scheduling permits.

What are the requirements for completing the Program?

To meet the requirements of the Excellence in Legal Research Program, you must successfully complete twenty (20) hours of instruction and assessment: Twelve (12) hours of required classes and eight (8) hours of elective classes. Each class consists of a combination of lecture, demonstration, and skills assessment. In order to earn credit for each class, you must satisfactorily complete all portions. Satisfactory completion of the final assessment requires a grade of 85% or higher. You must take each of the six (6) required courses and at least four (4) courses totaling eight (8) hours, of the offered elective courses to complete the Program requirements.

What are the individual class expectations and requirements?

Lecture in 20 minute segments and in-class exercises meant to provide students with a chance to practice their skills, followed by a summative assessment to solidify the materials taught and ensure retention. 

The Excellence in Legal Research courses are designed using the latest research in cognitive science to include activities meant to help students retain their research skills long-term, across all three years of law school and into practice.

Do I receive grades for these classes? 

Yes, students must receive an 85% or higher on the summative assessment to receive credit for the class. 

If you receive less than an 85%, you may meet with Professor Arrington to review the concepts you may have had difficulty with. After this meeting, a second assessment will be given that allows a second chance to achieve credit by achieving an 85% or higher.

Who can take these classes?

2Ls and 3Ls may take any classes offered during any semester. 1Ls can take any classes offered during the spring semester. 1Ls are not permitted to take classes during the fall semester.