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Excellence in Legal Research Program: Registration & Semester Course Schedule

Information on the Law Library's Excellence in Legal Research Program


Students can register for the Excellence in Legal Research Program at the end of their first semester.  The Law Library will hold an informational session each November, outlining the program requirements and letting current and former ELR students explain how the program has been beneficial for them. 

To register for the ELR program, email us at and ask to be added to the ELR Program. We will then add you to the ELR Program's Blackboard Pages, at which point you can register for ELR sessions.

To register to attend an ELR session, follow directions at this link: Class Sign-ups in Blackboard

Having issues registering for an ELR session? Contact us at

Summer 2020 Schedule


2019-2020 Course Offerings




RE 1: Legal Research Ethics

RE 3: Legal Analytics

RE 1: Legal Research Analysis

RE 2: Legal Research Analysis

RE 4: Boolean Searching

RE 5: Court Practice

RE 6: Dockets

RE 6: Dockets

EL 11: Constitution

EL 2: Advanced Statutory Research

EL 1: Advanced Case Law Research

EL 4: Legislative History Refresher

EL 3: Advanced Regulatory Research

EL 7: Interdisciplinary & Statistical Research

EL 6: Current Awareness


EL 10: Free Web Resources