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Faculty Services

A guide to services for Faculty at Texas Tech University School of Law Library

Keeping Current and Alerts

The Law Library offers services to keep faculty abreast of current developments in their area of study or interest. The Keeping Current service is tailored to meet the needs of faculty and is available through the following services:

  • SmartCILP—This service is provided by Gallagher Law Library (University of Washington). The Law Library downloads information from Gallagher and sends notifications directly to faculty’s email announcing new law review articles published. Articles are arranged by subject and by the Table of Contents. Faculty receive a CILP notice via the monthly Law Library newsletter. 
  • Lexis and Westlaw—Both Lexis and Westlaw have alert notification features. Faculty can ask Law Librarians to design research alerts to their specifications and have notices delivered daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Bloomberg BNA Email Updates—Faculty members have the option of signing up to receive regular updates to titles of their choice on various legal subjects such as antitrust, banking, bankruptcy, criminal, environmental, and family, etc.
  • RSS Feeds for Blogs—The Law Library can assist you with setting up RSS feeds to particular blogs or news sites.
  • Email Alerts Available:
    • Chronicle of Higher Education—Academe Today (weekdays)—Receive news from the authoritative source of news, information, and jobs for academia and higher education. This source links to fully accessible articles and offers email alerts for Academe Today.
    • SSRN—Includes Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) Legal Writing eJournal, LSN Law Educator, LSN Professional Announcements, and Calls for Papers.
    • BNA Highlights (150+ to choose from)—Weekly (Account set up required).
    • The Texas Supreme Court Journal—Weekly, every Monday in PDF.

For a complete list of databases or blogs that offer email alerts in your area of interest, please contact your library information consultant.

New/Recent Acquistions

Faculty who are interested in learning more about new books received by the Law Library can view the “Recent Acquisitions List” each month on the Law Library Blog

Faculty can also peruse the bookcase located in the Collaborative Commons in the first floor of the Law Library. New books are placed on shelves in the Collaborative Commons before they are shelved in the main collection.

New databases or electronic resources are announced to faculty via email or the monthly Law Library newsletter. 


At the request of faculty, the Law Library can route serial items to faculty mailboxes. Some of the more popular routed materials include:

  • Texas Lawyer
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Economist
  • Discover
  • Chronicle of Higher Education—Academe Today

For a complete list of materials available for routing or to request a specific item, please contact your library information consultant.

Law School Exam Database

PDF copies of past law school examinations are available in the Exam Archive. The Exam Archive is a wonderful tool for students looking for sample multiple choice or essay questions for exam study. Faculty might assign specific questions from the Exam Archive to provide formative assessment to students during the course of the semester.

Faculty who would like to place their old exams in Exam Archive can contact your library information consultant.

Other Library-Related Matters

Faculty will be notified via email or the monthly Law Library newsletter for other library-related matters such as:

  • Information regarding orders for books or other items
  • New library services or changes in procedures
  • Comments and suggestions about library services

The Law Library is happy to assist you. Faculty who are in need of assistance can contact their library information consultant