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Faculty Services

A guide to services for Faculty at Texas Tech University School of Law Library

Faculty Display Case

Submitting Manuscripts

When to Submit:
Peak submission times for student journals are February-March (as new editorial boards are looking toward the next volume) and August (as student editors are returning from their summer jobs). 

How to Submit:
The Law Library can assist you with finding the right law review to submit your work and can offer step-by-step guidance on submitting publications throug
h Scholastica.


Faculty Publications

The Law Library will advertise your published works using the following:

Faculty Display Case and Announcements—The Law Library maintains a display case in the foyer of the Law Library to exhibit the latest books, articles, and other publications authored by TTU Law Faculty. If you receive extra print copies of your publication, please deliver one copy your library information consultant or to Associate Law Librarian Jamie Baker to display your work. If no extra copies are available, please contact your library information consultant, and the Law Library will obtain a copy for the Faculty Display Case.

Faculty Publication Series—The Law Library will be happy to promote your new book publication to law faculty and students (excluding casebooks and updated editions of previously published works). Posters announcing your publication may be advertised throughout the Law School and made known via the Law Library’s Facebook and Twitter pages. In some instances, book signing events will also be made available.

Monthly Faculty Publication Information—Faculty should view the Law School's monthly publication, The Sidebar, for information about recent faculty publications and news. Additionally, faculty should view the Law Library's alert compilation in the Law Library Newsletter or by viewing the Law Library Blog

Electronic Databases and Online Resources